Sunday, September 13, 2009

miss usa 1963

1 IL - Marite Ozers
2 DC - Michele Bettina Metrinko
3 MO - Sandra Lee Marlin
4 CO - Rhea Looney
5 CA - Francine Cheryl Herack

AL - Dinah Irene Armstrong
AZ - Diane McGarry
MA - Sandra "Su-Su" Smith
MI - Pamela Lee Sands
NV - Kathee Francis
NM - Sandra Fullingim
NY - Jeanne Marie Quinn
OK - Roberta Ann Mosier
SC - Cecelia McBride Yoder
TN - Bobbie Lynn Morrow

Mārīte Ozere (born c. 1944) is Miss USA 1963.

After winning the Miss Illinois USA crown, Mārīte, from Chicago, Illinois went on to become Illinois's second representative to achieve the title of Miss USA.1963 - Mārīte Ozere was the first naturalized citizen to be crowned Miss USA. She was born in Latvia.


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