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miss earth 2002

Džejla Glavović is from Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is a fashion model by profession. is an international beauty queen and a fashion model. She was crowned at Pasay CityPhilippines and has won Miss Talent special award. She was also the first delegate from her country to win a title from one of the four major international beauty pageants such as: Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Universe, and Miss World. However she was dethroned because she was not able to performed her duties as Ms. Earth

Winfred Adah Omwakwe assumed the position as Miss Earth after the title was stripped from Ms. Glavovic. She is from Kenya and the first woman there to hold a major international beauty pageant title. She was also from African Region and the first black representative to hold the Ms. Earth Title. She is a Physiotherapist and belongs to the Luhya tribe of Kenya.

Left: Winifred Omwakwe (Kenya) - Miss Earth-Air, Center:Džejla Glavović (Bosnia & Herzegovina) - Miss Earth, Upper Center:Sladjana Bozovic (Yugoslavia) - Miss Earth-Water, Right:Juliana Drossou (Greece) - Miss Earth-Fire

Miss Earth 2002 Bosnia and Herzegovina - Džejla Glavović dethroned 28 May 2003
Miss Air (1st Runner-up) Kenya - Winfred Adah Omwakwe assumed title
Miss Water (2nd Runner-up) Yugoslavia - Sladjana Bozovic
Miss Fire (3rd Runner-up) Greece - Juliana Patricia Drossou


 Chile - Nazhla Sofía Abad
 Colombia - Diana Patricia Botero
 Finland - Elina Hurve
 Peru - Claudia Ortiz de Zevallos
 Philippines - April Rose Lim Perez
 Spain - Cristina Carpintero

Special Awards
Miss Photogenic: Philippines - April Rose Lim Perez
Best National Costume: Korea - Jin-ah Lee
Miss Friendship: Gibraltar - Charlene Gaiviso
Miss Talent: Bosnia and Herzegovina - Džejla Glavović
Best in Swimsuit: Colombia - Diana Patricia Botero
Best in Long Gown: Peru - Claudia Ortiz


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