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Miss Venezuela 1953

Miss Venezuela 1953 was held at Valle Arriba Golf Club in Caracas, Venezuela, on June 27, 1953, after days of events. At the conclusion of the final night of competition, outgoing titleholder Sofia Silva, crowned Gisela Bolaños of Carabobo as the new Miss Venezuela.


* Miss Venezuela 1953 - Gisela Bolaños (Miss Carabobo)

The runners-up were:

* 1st runner-up - Delmira Antonetti (Miss Monagas)
* 2nd runner-up - Margot Léidenz (Miss Falcón)

Special awards

* Miss Congeniality - Irma Fadul (Miss Barinas)
* Miss Amity - Aura Santos (Miss Anzoátegui)

Gisela Bolaños Scarton is a pageant titleholder, was born in Valencia, Venezuela on April 5, 1935. She is the Miss Venezuela titleholder for 1953, and was the official representative of Venezuela to the Miss Universe 1953 pageant held in Long Beach, California, USA, in July 17, 1953.

Miss Venezuela 1952

The first edition of the Miss Venezuela pageant, was held at Valle Arriba Golf Club in Caracas, Venezuela, on June 7, 1952, after days of events. The winner of the pageant was Sofía Silva, Miss Bolívar, who was the first Miss Venezuela in the history.

Sofía Silva Inserry is a pageant titleholder, was born in Tumeremo, Bolívar, Venezuela on 1929. She is the Miss Venezuela titleholder for 1952, and was the official representative of Venezuela to the Miss Universe 1952 pageant held in Long Beach, California, USA, in June 28, 1952.


* Miss Venezuela 1952 - Sofía Silva (Miss Bolívar)

The runners-up were:

* 1st runner-up - Ligia de Lima (Miss Anzoátegui)
* 2nd runner-up - Vilma Viana (Miss Guárico)
* 3rd runner-up - Olga Buvat (Miss Distrito Federal)

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miss usa 2009

1 NC - Kristen Dalton
2 CA - Carrie Prejean
3 AZ - Alicia-Monique Blanco
4 UT - Laura Kirilova Chukanov
5 KY - Maria Elizabeth Montgomery

AR - Chanley Painter
SC - Stephanie Smith
TN - Kristen Motil
TX - Brooke Daniels
WV - Jessi Pierson

Dalton won the Miss North Carolina USA 2009 title in a state pageant held in High Point, North Carolina in November 2008. She had previously placed first runner-up to Nikkie Groat in the Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2005 pageant.

Dalton represented North Carolina in the Miss USA 2009 pageant broadcast live from Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada where she became the 2nd Miss North Carolina USA to win the Miss USA title; the state's only prior winner was Chelsea Cooley, Miss USA 2005. Dalton won both the swimsuit and evening gown competitions during the final pageant competition, and was crowned by former titleholder Crystle Stewart of Texas.

Dalton represented the United States in the Miss Universe 2009 pageant which was held at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. She placed in the Top 10.

miss usa 2008

1 TX - Crystle Stewart
2 MS - Leah Laviano
3 NJ - Tiffany Andrade
4 OK - Lindsey Jo Harrington
5 PA - LauRen Merola

FL - Jessica Rafalowski
IN - Brittany Mason
MA - Jacqueline Theresa Bruno
MO - Candice Crawford
TN - Hailey Laine Brown

Crystle Danae Stewart (born September 20, 1981) from Missouri City, Texas is Miss USA 2008.

She represented the USA at the Miss Universe pageant on July 13, 2008 in Nha Trang, Vietnam. She advanced to the top 10, where she became the second consecutive Miss USA, following Rachel Smith in 2007, to stumble and fall during the evening gown competition. After that, she encouraged the audience to applaud by clapping her hands. Unlike Smith, Stewart did not advance to the top five. Stewart finished 8th overall, becoming the first Miss USA not to make the top 5 since 2005.

miss usa 2007

1 TN - Rachel Renee Smith
2 RI - Danielle Lacourse
3 KS - Cara Renee Georges
4 CA - Meagan Yvonne Tandy
5 NV - Helen Marie Salas

HI - Chanel Joy Puaalaonalani Wise
MO - Amber Marie Seyer
TX - Magen Leigh Ellis
UT - Heather Nicole Anderson
VA - Lauren Elizabeth Barnette

Rachel Renee Smith (born April 18, 1985 in Panama) is an American beauty queen and television personality from Clarksville, Tennessee, who won the Miss USA pageant in 2007  and who previously had competed in the Miss Teen USA pageant.

Smith starred in Donald Trump's new MTV reality show Pageant Place along with Riyo Mori (Miss Universe 2007), Tara Conner (former Miss USA 2006), Katie Blair (former Miss Teen USA 2006) and Hilary Cruz (Miss Teen USA 2007). The show was first broadcast on October 10, 2007. She now is a reporter for E! News.

miss usa 2006

1 KY - Tara Elizabeth Conner
2 CA - Tamiko Nash
3 GA - Lisa Marie Wilson
4 OH - Stacy Nicole Offenberger
5 FL - Cristin Duren

AL - Haleigh Stidham
DC - Candace Allen
RI - Leeann Tingley
SC - Lacie Lyn Lybrand
TX - Lauren Lanning

Tara Elizabeth Conner (born on December 18, 1985 in Dallas, Texas) represented Kentucky during the nationally televised Miss USA 2006 pageant in Baltimore, Maryland on April 21, 2006. Making the semi-finals, she became the eighteenth woman to place at both Miss Teen USA and Miss USA. She competed in the official BSC Swimwear Thailand for the swimsuit competition and made the top ten, where she competed in the evening gown competition, wearing a specially designed gown by Sherri Hill. Conner then made the top five and completed the final interview round.

Conner was the fourth former Miss Teen USA state titleholder to win the Miss USA crown since 2000, one of whom was Cooley, who was Miss North Carolina Teen USA 2000.

miss usa 2005


1 NC - Chelsea Scott Cooley
2 CA - Brittany Hogan
3 KY - Kristen Lynn Johnson
4 IL - Jill Gulseth
5 FL - Melissa Witek

MD - Marina Harrison
MS - Jennifer Leigh Adcock
NY - Meaghan Jarensky
OK - Laci Kay Scott
PA - Brenda Kaye Brabham

Chelsea Cooley (born October 30, 1983) is a beauty queen from Charlotte, North Carolina who has competed in the Miss Teen USA, Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants and who has held the Miss USA 2005 title.

Cooley was crowned Miss USA during the Miss USA 2005 pageant in Baltimore, Maryland on April 11, 2005. She was the first Miss North Carolina USA to win the Miss USA crown.

Currently Cooley is the president of an image consulting company, StandOut. Productions, which she founded along with A.T. Dunn. She married Heath Altman in October 2008. She dated baseball star Joe Mauer.

miss usa 2004

1 MO - Shandi Ren Finnessey
2 SC - Amanda Helen Pennekamp
3 NC - Ashley Rachel Puleo
4 OK - Lindsay Hill
5 TN - Stephanie Culberson

AL - Tara Darby
FL - Kristen Michele Berset
GA - Caroline Suzanne Medley
ID - Kimberly Glyn Weible
OR - Jennifer Murphy

Shandi Ren Finnessey (born June 9, 1978 in Florissant, Missouri, U.S.) is an American beauty queen, model and television hostess. She is best known for winning the Miss USA title, as Miss Missouri USA. She had previously held the title of Miss Missouri 2002 and competed in Miss America where she won a preliminary award.

Finnessey won the Miss Missouri USA pageant on her third attempt. She represented Missouri in the nationally televised Miss USA 2004 pageant. In the nationally televised pageant, she became the first woman from Missouri to win the Miss USA title.

miss usa 2003

1 MA -Susie Castillo
2 AL - Marie Michelle Arnette
3 TX - Claudia Nicole O'Brian
4 MI - Elisa Kathleen Schleef
5 TN - Julia Beth Hood

HI - Alicia Malia Michioka
IN - Tashina Brooke Kastigar
NM - Alina Ogle
OK - Star Williams
SC - Anna Rebecca Hanks

Susie Cintron Castillo (born January 6, 1980), is a former beauty queen who has held the Miss USA title and who has competed in the Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe pageants. She pursued a career in the media, and as such, has made various television appearances and hosted shows such as MTV's Total Request Live as a VJ.

On October 7, 2006, Castillo married Matthew Leslie in a quiet ceremony in Ipswich, Massachusetts. The two met shortly after Castillo won Miss Massachusetts Teen USA, Leslie proposed to Castillo during an appearance on the talk show On-Air With Ryan Seacrest in April 2004, just prior to Castillo passing on her crown during the Miss USA 2004 pageant. During her spare time Castillo does volunteer work for HAWC (Help for Abused Women and Children), the Lawrence Girls Club and for the Latinas Against Sexual Assault.

miss usa 2002

1 DC - Shauntay Renae Hinton
2 KS - Lindsay Douglas
3 IN - Kelly Lloyd
4 MN - Lanore VanBuren
5 CT - Alita Hawaah Dawson

AL - Sara Tucker
CA - Tarah Marie Peters
LA - Anne Katherine Lene
NY - Karla Cavalli
RI - Janet Lynn Sutton
SC - Katherine Ashley Williams
TX - Kasi Laine Kelly

Shauntay Hinton went on to represent the District of Columbia at the Miss USA 2002 pageant held in Gary, Indiana on 28 February, 2002 where she became the third African American to win the Miss USA title. The pageant marked the first time that 4 out of the 5 five finalists were African American.

miss usa 2001

1 TX - Kandace Gayle Krueger
2 DC - Liane Angus
3 GA - Tiffany Fallon

MO - Larissa Meek
NV - Gina Giacinto

Kandace Gayle Krueger Matthews represented Texas in the Miss USA 2001 pageant broadcast live from Gary, Indiana in March 2001. She made the semi-finals, becoming the first Texan to make the top ten in two years, placed second in the swimsuit competition (9.38) and fourth in the evening gown competition (9.29). She entered the top five in second place, with an average combined score of 9.33. After the final interview round she was ranked second, but went on to win the pageant. Krueger was the eighth Miss USA titleholder, becoming the first Texan to win since Chelsi Smith in 1995, and extending Texas' record for the most titles.

During her reign, she advocated breast cancer and ovarian cancer research and funding and resided in a luxury riverside apartment in New York City provided by the Miss Universe Organization. During her homecoming in Texas, she was given the key to the city of Austin, presented to the Senate, and met with governor Rick Perry.

In May 2005, Krueger married longtime boyfriend Rob Matthews in Dallas, Texas. The couple's first child, Ashlyn Grace Matthews, was born March 18, 2008.

miss usa 2000

1 TN - Lynnette Marie Cole
2 NH - Bridget Jane Vezina
3 AL - Jina Mitchell

GA - Patti Dunn
KS - Tiffany Meyer

Lynnette Cole (born February 9, 1978), won the title Miss Tennessee USA in 2000. She went on to become the first woman from that state to win the Miss USA pageant, which was held in Branson, Missouri on February 4, 2000.

Cole hails from Columbia, Tennessee and was twenty-one years old when she won the national crown.

Cole married Michael O'Nan of Tampa, and is now in the import/export business. Directs a local preliminary for Miss Tennessee USA.

miss usa 1999

1 NY - Kimberly Ann Pressler
2 TN - Morgan Tandy High
3 CA - Angelique Breaux

NM - Michelle Rios
SC - Lauren Poppell

Kimberly Pressler (born May 21, 1977) went on to win the Miss New York USA pageant, which allowed her to compete at the Miss USA pageant held in Branson, Missouri. She became the fourth woman from her state to win the Miss USA title, beating press favorites such as Miss Tennessee USA Morgan Tandy High (the eventual 1st runner-up) and Miss California USA Angelique Breaux (the 2nd runner-up and later American representative and semi-finalist at the Miss World pageant).

miss usa 1998

1 MA - Shawnae Nicole Jebbia
2 CA - Shauna Gene Gambill
3 MO - Melanie Breedlove

TX - Holly Mills
UT - Melissa Leigh Anderson

Shawnae Nicole Jebbia won the Miss Massachusetts USA title in 1997, in her first attempt at a pageant title. She went on to represent Massachusetts in the Miss USA 1998 pageant, becoming that state's first Miss USA winner. Whilst Jebbia had little prior experience, her first runner-up Shauna Gambill had previously held the Miss Teen USA 1994 title. Jebbia's "sister" titleholder, Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 1998 Susie Castillo, went on to hold the Miss Massachusetts USA title and became Massachusetts' second Miss USA titleholder in 2003.

After experiencing a hearing impairment caused by Ménière's disease, Jebbia moved out of the entertainment industry and is currently studying towards a Masters degree in nursing. She has acted as the spokesperson for the Siemens Pure 700 hearing aid.

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miss usa 1997

1 HI - Brook Mahealani Lee
2 ID - Brandi Dawn Sherwood
3 TN - Towanna Stone

FL - Angelia Savage
TX - Amanda Little
UT - Temple Taggart

Brook Antoinette Mahealani Lee (born January 8, 1971), aka Brook Lee, was crowned Miss Universe 1997 on May 16, 1997.

Brook was Miss USA and Miss Hawaii USA prior to winning the Miss Universe 1997 pageant. Her Korean grandfather immigrated to Hawaiʻi in the 1950s. Immediately prior to winning the Miss USA and Miss Universe crowns, she pursued graduate-level studies in Communication at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. She attended University Lab School for one year, 1987–1988. Lee graduated from Kamehameha Schools in 1989. She is a native of Pearl City, Hawaiʻi.

After her reign as Miss Universe, Lee has made several cameo appearances in movies and television shows, and has hosted numerous television shows in Asia and the United States. project is a regional television show known as Pacific Fusion, which focuses on Asian-American lifestyles. She has hosted episodes of "Great Cruises" on the Travel Channel, which highlights cruise travel around the world.

Brandi Sherwood (born January 13, 1971) is an American model and pageant winner. She was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho. She was Miss USA 1997 and (at age 18) Miss Teen USA 1989 and is a frequent rotating Barker's Beauty model on the US daytime television game show The Price Is Right.

In 1997, she won the Miss Idaho USA title and represented her state at Miss USA 1997. She became first runner up to eventual Miss USA, Brook Mahealani Lee. Sherwood assumed the Miss USA title when Lee was crowned Miss Universe 1997 in Miami. Sherwood held the titles of Miss Idaho Teen USA and Miss Idaho USA. To date, Sherwood is the only woman to have held the titles of both Miss Teen USA and Miss USA.

During her reign as Miss USA, Sherwood worked with Special Olympics. She has also worked with the DARE program and continues to volunteer her time speaking to students about resisting drugs and violence.

miss usa 1996

1 LA - Ali Germaine Landry
2 KS - Danielle Boatwright
3 TN - Becca Lee

MI - Natasha Bell
ND - Juliette Ann Spier
OK - Heather Crickard

Ali Germaine Landry (born July 21, 1973) is a former Miss USA (1996), model and actress. She is recognized as the Doritos Girl from her popular 1998 Super Bowl commercial. In 1998, she was named by People magazine as one of 50 most beautiful people in the world.

She is the first former Miss Teen USA delegate to actually win the Miss USA crown (her predecessor Shanna Moakler, previously Miss Rhode Island Teen USA, Miss New York USA and first runner-up to Miss USA Chelsi Smith, only inherited the title after Smith became Miss Universe).

She married film director Alejandro Gomez Monteverde on April 8, 2006 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Their daughter Estela Ines Monteverde was born on July 11, 2007.


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