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miss usa 1967

1 AL - Sylvia Louise Hitchcock
2 CA - Susan Ellen Bradley
3 FL - Cheryl Ann Patton
4 WI - Jodi Bonham
5 MO - Karen Hendrix

AZ - Judianne Magnusson
DC - Myra Chudy
IL - Beverly Lacek
MD - Sandy Clevering
NV - Jacqueline Moore
OR - Maureen Bassett
PA - Barbara Woronko
TN - Nancy Brackhahn
TX - Bonnie Robinson
VA - Elizabeth Kallmyer

Sylvia Louise Hitchcock won the title of Miss Alabama USA in 1967 and went on to be crowned Miss USA. In 1967, she won the Miss Universe pageant, the fourth American to do so.

A junior art major and Chi Omega sorority member at the University of Alabama, she was described as epitomizing the image of the classic Southern belle with her classic charm and striking beauty.

She is married to her husband of 34 years, inventor William Carson and has three children: Jonathan, 29, Christiane, 25, and Will, 19, and one grandchild, Zephyr, 6. She resides in Lake Wales, Florida. Sylvia lives next door to Lake Wales' "famous" actor, Kaleigh Wright.

Cheryl Patton is a beauty queen coming from Florida who has held the Miss USA title.

Patton won the Miss Florida USA 1967 title and represented Florida in the Miss USA 1967 pageant held in Miami Beach in her home state. She placed as second runner-up in the pageant, which was won by Sylvia Hitchcock of Alabama.

In July that year, Hitchcock became the fourth woman from the United States to win the Miss Universe title, and for the first time, one of her runners-up was to be chosen to complete her reign as Miss USA. The first runner-up, Miss California USA 1967, Susan Ellen Bradley, was supposed to take over the Miss USA title, however she declined the title, which meant Patton became Miss USA 1967. This is the only time that the first runner-up has not inherited the reign of the original titleholder.

Patton's reign as Miss USA was the first, and as of 2009 only, time that a Floridian has held the title.

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