Sunday, September 13, 2009

miss usa 1977

1 TX - Kimberly Louise Tomes
2 NV - Mary O'Neal Contino
3 MN - Debra Jean Cossette
4 CA - Pamela Lynn Gergely
5 VA - Sheryl Lynn Herring

AZ - Toni Abranovic
DC - Sharon Sutherland
GA - Linda Marie Kerr
HI - Cely Ochoa de Castro
ME - Tina Ann Brown
NJ - Juanita McCarty
NM - Denise Funderburk

Kimberly Tomes (born 1956) is a beauty queen from Texas who has held the title Miss USA 1977. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University.

Tomes won the Miss Texas USA title in 1976, and later represented Texas in the Miss USA pageant held in Charleston, South Carolina in 1977.

In the nationally televised pageant, Tomes won the Miss USA title, becoming the first woman from Texas to do so. Her placement followed many high placements for Texas in previous years and a consistent level of achievement throughout the pageant's history. She is the first of two Miss USAs to have graduated from Texas A&M University, the second being Kandace Krueger, Miss Texas USA and Miss USA 2001.

Tomes later worked in the entertainment industry, and has retained ties to the Miss Texas USA pageant, hosting the event for twelve years.


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