Monday, September 14, 2009

miss usa 1998

1 MA - Shawnae Nicole Jebbia
2 CA - Shauna Gene Gambill
3 MO - Melanie Breedlove

TX - Holly Mills
UT - Melissa Leigh Anderson

Shawnae Nicole Jebbia won the Miss Massachusetts USA title in 1997, in her first attempt at a pageant title. She went on to represent Massachusetts in the Miss USA 1998 pageant, becoming that state's first Miss USA winner. Whilst Jebbia had little prior experience, her first runner-up Shauna Gambill had previously held the Miss Teen USA 1994 title. Jebbia's "sister" titleholder, Miss Massachusetts Teen USA 1998 Susie Castillo, went on to hold the Miss Massachusetts USA title and became Massachusetts' second Miss USA titleholder in 2003.

After experiencing a hearing impairment caused by Ménière's disease, Jebbia moved out of the entertainment industry and is currently studying towards a Masters degree in nursing. She has acted as the spokesperson for the Siemens Pure 700 hearing aid.


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