Sunday, September 13, 2009

miss usa 1986

1 TX - Christiane Crane Fichtner
2 OH - Halle Berry
3 GA - Tami Tesch
4 MS - Cindy Jane Williams
5 CA - Kelly Parsons

IL - Tricia Therese Bach
NC - Rhonda Nobles
OK - Teresa Lucas
SC - Maribeth Curry
WY - Beth King

Christinane Crane "Christy" Fichtner (born on October 28, 1962), Miss Texas USA 1986, was crowned Miss USA in the national pageant that same year. First runner up was Halle Berry. Fichtner was the second of the Texas Aces, five consecutive winners from Texas during the decade.

Fichtner went on the be 1st runner-up for Miss Universe 1986, Bárbara Palacios Teyde. She later starred in the reality television show "Who Wants to Marry My Dad?"


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