Sunday, September 13, 2009

miss usa 1968

1 WA - Dorothy Catherine Anstett
2 MD - Paulette Reck
3 NV - Kathy Landry
4 LA - Kathy Hebert
5 NM - Bonnie Lynn Tafoya

AL - Claudia Robinson
AR - Ann Smithwick
CA - Suzanne Fromm
CT - Janice Shilinsky
HI - Carol Seymour
MI - Virginia Clift
NY - June West
OH - Linda Hoyle
TN - Sandra Force
VA - Laurie Burke

Dorothy Anstelt (born c. 1948) is Miss USA 1968.

After winning the Miss Washington USA crown, Anstelt, from Kirkland, Washington went on to become Washington's only representative (as of 2009) to achieve the title of Miss USA.

Anstelt was married with legendary basketball player Bill Russell during the 1970s.

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  1. Unknown said...
    The Miss Universe contest was a travesty that year.

    Martha Vasconcellos NEVER should have won; Miss Curacao, Anne Marie Braafheid, had it all over her.

    Anne Marie should have been Miss Universe 1968.

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