Sunday, September 13, 2009

miss usa 1971

1 PA - Michele Marlene McDonald
2 TX - Brenda Lynn Box
3 AZ - Susanne Elizabeth Pottenger
4 MO - Nancy Rebecca Rich
5 KY - Patricia Barnstable

CA - Karin Dawn Morrell
DC - Suzanne Pluskoski
FL - Susan Aileen Deaton
MD - Carol Jeanne Theis
MI - Pat Glannan
VT - Sandra Taft
VA - Brenda Joyce Miller

Michele McDonald (born c. 1953) is a beauty queen from Butler, Pennsylvania who held the title Miss USA 1971.

McDonald first won the Miss Pennsylvania USA title, then represented her state in the Miss USA pageant, held in Miami Beach, Florida in May 1971. McDonald won the nationally televised pageant, becoming the first woman from Pennsylvania to win the title. At eighteen, she was one of the youngest women to become Miss USA, and the first red haired woman to win the pageant.

McDonald represented the United States in the Miss Universe pageant broadcast from the same city in July of the same year. She placed in the semi-finals in the pageant, which was won by Georgina Rizk of Lebanon.

McDonald later moved to Florida, where she worked as a sales representative.


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