Sunday, September 13, 2009

miss usa 1982

1 AR - Terri Lea Utley
2 TX - Elizabeth Luann Caughey
3 UT - Susan Lorraine Gasser
4 OH - Kim Ann Weeda
5 KY - Kristina Leah Chapman

HI - Vanessa Dubois
MD - Angie Boyer
MA - Janet Marie Flaherty
MI - Diane Marie Arabia
TN - Sherly Deanise Levy
VT - Georgia Marie Davis
VA - Sondra Dee Jones

Utley's Miss USA win was the first (and only, as of 2009) for Arkansas. After she won the title, no women from Arkansas placed in the pageant until Jessica Furrer's semi-finalist placement in 2005. Both women are members of Alpha Sigma Tau.

Utley was also the first Miss Arkansas USA to hail from Cabot, and the only winner until Kimberly Forsyth of the same town won the title in 2006

Now Terri Amos, she left the entertainment industry to spend time with her husband and family, which included three young children. Her life was adversely affected by the death of her father, which led her to confront the anger issues which she claims affected her role as a wife and mother. She became involved in traditional healing, and studied energetic healing, meditation, and spiritual consulting in Santa Monica, California. Amos currently works as a spiritual coach and motivational speaker in Destin, Florida.


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