Sunday, August 23, 2009

miss international 2006

2006 Miss International Daniela di Giacomo from Venezuela 

Place Crowned: Tokyo, Japan and Beijing, China

Full name: Daniela Anette di Giacomo di Giovanni

Date of Birth: May 5, 1985

Place of Birth: Caracas, Venezuela

Profession: TV show host, model

The fifth Venezuelan to win the Miss International

Runners-up in the pageant:

1st Runner-up: Panama - Mayté Sanchez González
2nd Runner-up: Korea - Jang Yoon-seo

SEMI-FINALISTS: ( Listed in the order they were called ) 
THAILAND - Vasana Wongbuntree 
JAPAN - Mami Sakurai 
KOREA - Jang Yoon-seo 
VENEZUELA - Daniela Di Giacomo 
CHINA - Chen Qian 
INDIA - Sonali Sehgal 
PUERTO RICO - Sharon Diaz Gomez 
SPAIN - Sara Sanchez Torres 
COLOMBIA - Karina Guerra Rodriguez 
PANAMA - Mayte Sanchez Gonzalez 
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Wilma Abreu Nazario 
GUADELOUPE - Meryta Melina

AWARDS ( Japan ) : 
Most Photogenic: Miss Thailand, Vasana Wongbuntree 
Miss Goodwill: Miss Puerto Rico, Sharon Diaz Gomez

AWARDS ( China ) : 
Most Photogenic: Miss Finland, Karoliina Yläjoki 
Best Preliminary Performance: Miss Germany, Hiltja Muller 
Best Figure : Miss Colombia, Karina Guerra 
Most Beautiful Smile: Miss Hong Kong, Koni Lui 
Best Overall Style: Miss Spain, Sara Sanchez Torres 
Most Vibrant: Miss Brazil, Maria Claudia Barreto 
Compassionate Award: Miss China, Chen Qian 
Best National Costume: Miss Panama, Mayte Sánchez González 
Miss Friendship: Miss Hong Kong, Koni Lui 
Miss Best Nature: Miss Venezuela, Daniela Di Giacomo 
Miss Best Style: Miss Venezuela, Daniela Di Giacomo 
Messenger of Intelligence: Miss Egypt, Elham Wagdi 
Messenger of Caring: Miss Australia, Karli Smith 
Messenger of Peace: Miss Germany, Hiltja Muller 
Messenger of Beauty: Miss Congo, Maurielle Nkouka Massamba 
Messenger of Goodwill: Miss Thailand, Vasana Wongbuntree


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