Sunday, August 16, 2009

miss universe 1958

When Luz Marina Zuluaga won Colombia's first (and only) Miss Universe title in 1958, the entire nation rejoiced and Zuluaga came home a national hero. Postage stamps were issued in her honor, she was given a mansion and was declared tax-exempt for life. Corinne Rottschafer of Holland, a semi-finalist, went on to win the Miss World title 
a year later.

1st runner-up Adalgisa Colombo BRAZIL
2nd runner-up Geri Hoo HAWAII
3rd runner-up Eurlyne Howell USA
4th runner-up Alicja Bobrowska POLAND
Raquela Molina Urrutia CHILE
Evy Norlund DENMARK
Marlies Jung Behrens GERMANY
Marily Kalimopoulou GREECE
Corine Rottschafer HOLLAND
Miriam Hadar ISRAEL
Tomoko Moritake JAPAN
Beatriz Boluarte PERU
Gertrud Gummels SURINAME
Birgitta Elisabet Gardman SWEDEN


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