Sunday, August 16, 2009

miss universe 1960

The third American in 9 years to win Miss Universe came from Salt Lake City, Utah.
Ma. Stella Marquez of Colombia, a semi-finalist, went on to win the first Miss International title later that year, then known as the International Beauty Congress, after Miss Universe and Long Beach split after 8 years. The Miss Universe contest is moved to Miami Beach. This is the first year that the pageant is telecast live on television and the Miss Universe creed was read for the first time.

1st runner-up Daniela Bianchi ITALY
2nd runner-up Elizabeth Hodacs AUSTRIA
3rd runner-up Nicolette Caras S. AFRICA
4th runner-up Ma.Teresa del Rio SPAIN
Jean MacPherson BRAZIL
Maria Stella Marquez COLOMBIA
Joan Ellinor Boardman ENGLAND
Ingrun Helgard Moeckel GERMANY
Magda Passaloglou GREECE
Aliza Gur ISRAEL
Yayoi Furuno JAPAN
Sohn Miheeja KOREA
Ragnhild Aass NORWAY
Elaine Maurath SWITZERLAND


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