Sunday, August 16, 2009

miss universe 1966

Margarita was homesick. Minutes after Miss Sweden, Margarita Arvidsson, was crowned Miss Universe, she told the newsmen on hand that she wanted "to go home.I can never be myself or be what I want to be as Miss Universe," she said. "I can’t go nowhere without a chaperone," she cried. And controversy was still alive and well in the pageant. Five South American contestants, Misses Argentina, Ecuador, Paraguay, Venezuela and Brazil complained that they "are the nothings of the contest" and claimed that European girls got preferential treatment wherever they went. Peru's Madeline Hartog Bel would go on to win the 1967 Miss World title.

1st runner-up Charlotta Ostring FINLAND
2nd runner-up Cheranand Savetanand 
3rd runner-up Yasmin Daji INDIA
4th runner-up Aviva Israeli ISRAEL
Edna Margarita Rudd Lucena COLOMBIA
Gitte Fleinert DENMARK
Janice Carol Whiteman ENGLAND
Marion Heinrich GERMANY
Marge Domen HOLLAND
Siri Gro Nilsson NORWAY
Madeline Hartog Bel PERU
Ma.Clarinda Garces Soriano PHILIPPINES
Paquita Torres Perez SPAIN
Maria Judith Remenyi USA


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