Sunday, August 16, 2009

miss universe 1978

In 1978, for the first time in the history of any televised pageant, the judges' composite scores for each semifinalist were shown on the screen! Using the latest in computer technology the judges punched in their scores to a computer terminal. The score was then shown for each contestant in each category save for the final vote. It was early on in the 1978 pageant that Bob Barker informed us that this was the first time that the onstage interview of the 12 semifinalists would be scored and that we would see the score.

1st runner-up Judi Andersen USA
2nd runner-up Guillermina Ruiz Domenech
3rd runner-up Shirly Saenz COLOMBIA
4th runner-up Cecilia Catharina Rhodes
Fran├žoise Moens BELGIUM
Marianne Muller Prieto CHILE
Karen Ingrid Gustafsson HOLLAND
Lorraine Bernadette Enriquez IRELAND
Dorith Jellinek ISRAEL
Alba Margarita Cervera Lavat MEXICO
Olga Roxana Zumaran Burga PERU


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