Sunday, August 16, 2009

miss universe 1980

With new innovations along the way, this year marked the birth of the super fast Parade of Nations as each delegate merely shouted out her name and her country. During her morning-after interview, Shawn Weatherly, the 5th American to win Miss Universe, said, “My job is not the exhibition of my body. Talking with people and making friends in all nations is my main duty.” Her ambitions then at the time of her reign were to become a sports commentator after her graduation from Clemson University with a communications degree. But fate went the other way and Shawn went on to become a popular television actress.

1st runner-up Linda Gallagher SCOTLAND
2nd runner-up Delyse Nottle 
3rd runner-up Ma.Rosario Silayan
4th runner-up Eva Brigitta Anderson 
Teresa Lynn MacKay CANADA
Maria Patricia Arbelaez Pelaez COLOMBIA
Guobjorg Sigurdardottir ICELAND
Kim Eun-jung KOREA
Gloria Karamanites Davis PANAMA
Agnes Tanon Correa PUERTO RICO
Thilda Raina Fuller TAHITI


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