Sunday, August 16, 2009

miss universe 1985

1985 was another year for controversy. South Africa was supposed to have sent a delegate but she did not arrive as anti-apartheid groups theatened to stage demonstrations if she did. This was the start of a long absence of South Africa in the pageant, only to resurface in 1995. On the lighter side, a sensation that year was Zaire's Benita Mureka who became the first black African finalist and runener-up. The eventual winner, Deborah Carthy-Deu was not an early favorite as were Mises Colombia, Holland, and Canada. Pageant night proved to be her shining moment as she flew past the favorites to win the crown. She was the second Puerto Rican to win after 1970's Marisol Malaret.

1st runner-up Teresa Sanchez SPAIN
2nd runner-up Kayonga Benita Mureka
3rd runner-up Silvia Cristina Martinez
4th runner-up Andrea Beatriz Lopez
Márcia Giagio Canavezes de Oliveira BRAZIL
Karen Elizabeth Tilley CANADA
Claudia van Sint Jan del Pedregal CHILE
Olivia Marie Tracey IRELAND
Laura Elena Martinez-Herring USA


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