Monday, August 17, 2009

miss world 1956

Petra Susanna Schürmann won the 1956 Miss World contest, representing West Germany. She became the first woman from (West) Germany to win the title. The pageant was held in London, United Kingdom. Interestingly, Petra Schürmann only came third in the Miss Germany pageant, but was chosen to represent her country in London because of her better knowledge of English. At that time she studied philosophy and history of the arts at the universities of Bonn and Cologne. After winning her Miss World title she continued her studies in Munich. Beginning with the 1960s she entered an ongoing radio and television career, primarily with the Munich based Bayerischer Rundfunk. She also did some acting and wrote some books. In 1973 she married the physician Dr. Gerhard Freund, who already back in 1967, under a veil of secrecy, became the father of their daughter Alexandra. This was a time when he was still wed to German actress Marianne Koch. Alexandra Freund also had a successful career with the Munich broadcaster but died in 2001 aged 34 from an automobile accident. Since then Petra Schürmann has retired with her husband to their house on the shores of Lake Starnberg south of Munich

1st Runner-up : United States - Betty Lane Cherry

2nd Runner-up Israel - Rina Weiss

3rd Runner-up Japan - Midoriki Tokura

4th Runner-up Denmark - Anne Rye Nielsen

5th Runner-up Sweden - Eva Bränn

Contestants :

 Austria - Margaret Scherz
 Belgium - Madeleine Hotelet
 Denmark - Anne Rye Nielsen
 Egypt - Norma Dugo
 Finland - Sirpa Helena Koivu
 France - Genevieve Solare
 Germany - Petra Susanna Schürmann
 Great Britain - Iris Alice Kathleen Waller
 Greece - Maria Paraloglou
 Holland - Ans van Pothoven
 Iceland - Agusta Gudmundsdóttir
 Ireland - Amy Kelly
 Israel - Rina Weiss
 Italy - Angela Portaluri
 Japan - Midoriki Tokura
 Morocco - Lydia Marin
 New Zealand - Jeannette de Montalk
 South Africa - Norma Vorster
 Sweden - Eva Bränn
 Switzerland - Yolanda Daetwyler
 Tunisia - Pascaline Agnes
 Turkey - Suna Tekin
 United States - Betty Lane Cherry
 Venezuela - Celsa Pieri


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