Tuesday, August 18, 2009

miss world 1959

Corine Spier-Rottschäfer won the 1959 Miss World contest, representing the Netherlands. She became the first woman from her country to win the title. The pageant was held in London, United Kingdom. The first runner up was María Elena Rossel Zapata from Peru. Prior to winning the pageant, she also earned the Miss Europe title in 1957, and participated in Miss Universe in 1958, where she made the top 15 and won the Miss Photogenic award.

1st Runner-up Peru - Maria Elena Rosell Zapata
2nd Runner-up Israel - Ziva Shomrat
3rd Runner-up UK - Anne Thelwell
4th Runner-up Denmark - Kirsten Olsen


 Argentina - Amalia Yolanda Scuffi
 Germany - Helga Meyer
 Greece - Yakiathi Karaviti
 Jamaica - Sheila Chong
 Rhodesia & Nyasaland - Vivien Lentin
 South Africa - Moya Meaker


 Argentina - Amalia Yolanda Scuffi
 Austria - Helga Knofel
 Belgium - Diane Hidalgo
 Brazil - Dione Brito Oliveira
 Canada - Huguette Demers
 Denmark - Kirsten Olsen
 Finland - Margit Jaatinen
 France - Marie Hélène Trové
 Germany - Helga Meyer
 Ghana - Star Nyaniba Annan
 Gibraltar - Viola Howells
 Greece - Yakiathi Karaviti
 Hawaii - Margaret Moani Keala Brumaghim
 Holland - Corinne Rottschäfer
 Honduras - Rosemary Lefebre
 Hong Kong - Michelle Mok Ping-Ching
 Iceland - Sigurbjörg Sveinsdóttir
 India - Fleur Ezekiel
 Ireland - Ann Fitzpatrick
 Israel - Ziva Shomrat
 Italy - Paola Falchi
 Jamaica - Sheila Chong
 Japan - Chieko Ichinose
 Jordan - Ufemia Jabaji
 Korea - Seo Jung-ae
 Luxembourg - Josee Pundel
 Norway - Berit Grundvig
 Paraguay - Elvira dos Santos Encina
 Peru - Maria Elena Rosell Zapata
 Portugal - Maria Teresa Motoa Cardoso
 Puerto Rico - Lilie Diaz
 Rhodesia & Nyasaland - Vivien Lentin
 South Africa - Moya Meaker
 Sweden - Carola Hakansson
 United Kingdom - Anne Thelwell
 United States - Loretta Powell
 Uruguay - Yvonne Kelly


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