Wednesday, August 19, 2009

miss world 1978

Silvana Rosa Suárez won the 1978 Miss World contest, representing Argentina. She became the second woman from her country to win the title Suarez was 19 years old and was an architecture student when she won the titile. Suarez, who speaks four languages, showed that her country rules the world in beauty as well as sport. Argentina won the World Cup Soccer tournament in 1978.

The runners-up were: 
1st runner-up: Ossie Margareta Carlsson (Sweden)
2nd runner-up: Denise Ellen Coward (Australia)
3rd runner-up: Martha Eugenia Ortiz Gomez (Mexico)
4th runner-up: Gloria Maria Valenciano Rijo (Spain)

5th runner-up: Elizabeth Ann Jones (United Kingdom)
6th runner-up: Jeanette Keller (Switzerland)

The delegates who made in the top fifteen are:

Doris Elizabeth Anwander (Austria), Maribel Fernandez Garcia (Costa Rica), Eija Hillevi Laaksonen (Finland), Kalpana Iyer (India), Maria Jesus Cañizares (Puerto Rico), Manohori Vanigasooriya (Sri Lanka), Debra Jean Freeze (United States) and Katy Patricia Toffoli Andrade (Venezuela).

Special awards
Personality: Wendy Lorraine Daykin (Cayman Islands)
Photogenic: Martha Eugenia Ortiz Gomez (Mexico)
Talent: Louvette Monzon Hammond (Philippines)


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