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miss world 1980

Gabriella Brum won the 1980 Miss World beauty pageant and resigned one day later.She stated that this was because her boyfriend disapproved, but it was later claimed that she was forced to resign because she had posed nude in a magazine. She later posed in Playboy and modeled in Los Angeles for a few years.She still lives in Los Angeles. The Guiness Book World of Records stated that Brum's winning Miss World was the shortest reign in record with 18 hours.

Kimberley Santos won the 1980 Miss World contest (representing Guam) after Germany's Gabriella Brum had resigned the day after her victory but there was a little bit of difficulty in searching for Santos to receive the Miss World title. The next morning after the contest, Miss World Organisation thought Santos had boarded a flight to San Francisco at London's Heathrow Airport to return home. That was before the news broke that the winner, Gabrella Brum, had abdicated in tears after reporters' questions about her 52-year-old boyfriend. But when the plane reached California, she was not on it, and baffled officials launched a widespread search. They eventually discovered that she had switched flights at the last moment to travel with Miss Australia and Miss New Zealand, and landed in Los Angeles where she was met by her father, Ben Santos, a master sergeant in US Army. Mrs. Julia Morley finally tracked her down in Los Angeles and asked her by telephone if she wanted to accept the title. Kimberley accepted immediately. Mrs. Morley, said she told her she should sleep on it and make absolutely sure. Kim told Mrs. Morley: "I think I can do the title justice." After her reign Kim became a Gospel singer. She went back to judge the pageant several times.

The runners-up were: 
1st runner-up: Kimberley Santos (Guam) (crowned MISS WORLD 1980 on November 28, 1980)
2nd runner-up: Patricia Barzyk (France)
3rd runner-up: Anat Zimmermann (Israel)
4th runner-up: Kim Ashfield (United Kingdom)

5th runner-up: Vicky Lee Hemi (New Zealand)
6th runner-up: Brooke Alexander (United States)

The delegates who made in the top fifteen are:

Sonya-Maria Schlepp (Austria), Zina Marie Minks (Bermuda), Elizabeth Reddi (India), Michelle Harris (Jamaica), Michelle Torres (Puerto Rico), Kerstin Jenemark (Sweden), Hilda Abrahamz (Venezuela) and Shirley Nyanyiwa (Zimbabwe).

Special awards
Personality: Annette Labrecque (Canada)
Photogenic: Michelle Rocca (Ireland)

***This is the first time that the women were judged for personality, intelligence and looks.

***Germany and Guam, Miss World queens, were born in the United Kingdom. Germany had a British father, while Guam had a British mother.

***This is the last pageant in Miss World with four runner-ups and a new Miss World queen.


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