Wednesday, August 19, 2009

miss world 1984

The third woman from Venezuela to win the Miss World contest, Astrid was crowned the 1984 Miss World in London. The Miss World title opens many doors and a considerable number of its recipients have moved into television and film. Astrid Carolina Herrera Irazábal has been more successful than many. Today she is a movie star icon in South America with major television and movie credits to her name. The last time she came back to the pageant was in 1995 when Miss World traveled to Sun City, South Africa for the fourth consecutive year. Astrid was one of the judges that evening and was overwhelmed with joy when she learned that her very own citizen, Miss Venezuela, Jacqueline Aquilera Marcano, won the Miss World title for 1995.

The runners-up were: 
1st runner-up: Constance Ellen (Connie) Fitzpatrick (Canada)
2nd runner-up: Lou-Anne Caroline Ronchi (Australia)

3rd runner-up: Vivienne Mary Rooke (United Kingdom)
4th runner-up: Kelly Lea Anderson (United States)
5th runner-up: Adriana Alves de Oliveira (Brazil)
6th runner-up: Olivia Marie Tracey (Ireland)

The delegates who made in the top fifteen are:

Heidemarie Pilgerstorfer (Austria), Angela Patricia Janiot Martirena (Colombia), Anna-Liisa Tilus (Finland), Nancy Neede (Holland), Berglind Johansen (Iceland), Iris Louk (Israel), Khadija (Kate) Adam Ismail (Kenya) and Silvia Anna Affolter (Switzerland).

Special Awards
Personality: Ana Luisa Seda Reyes (Panama),
Photogenic: Astrid Carolina Herrera Irrazabal (Venezuela)

Continental Queens
Africa: Khadija (Kate) Adam Ismail - Kenya
Americas: Astrid Carolina Herrera Irrazabal - Venezuela
Asia: Iris Louk - Israel
Europe: Vivienne Mary Rooke - United Kingdom
Oceania: Lou-Anne Caroline Ronchi - Australia


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