Wednesday, August 19, 2009

miss world 1987

Ulla Weigerstorfer won the 1987 Miss World contest, representing Austria. A veterinary science student from Vienna said it was all like a dream: "I'm so happy, I couldn't say," the then 20-year-old student and part-time model told reporters after being crowned Miss World in the 37th annual pageant at London's Royal Albert Hall. "I didn't think I would win," she said. "I feel there were 78 Miss Worlds here." The 5-foot-11 blue eued blonde, the first Austrian to win the title since 1969, was chosen from among 78 contestants. The bookmakers had offered odds against her winning of 20-1. Weigerstorfer also was named the winner of Queen of Beauty trophy for Europe, one of five continental prizes. After relinquish her title, Ulla returned to her home country of Austria and has starred in TV series, presented her own radio sport show, written two books about cosmetics and worked in the fast food industry. She also finds time for charity work and show jumping her three horses, a sport which she loves.

The runners-up were: 
1st runner-up: Albani Josefina Lozada Jimenez (Venezuela)
2nd runner-up: Anna Margret Jonsdóttir (Iceland)

3rd runner-up: Monika Ewa Nowosadko (Poland)
4th runner-up: Claudia Mercedes Escobar Zapata (Colombia)
5th runner-up: Caterina Ciscato (Argentina)

The delegates who made in the top twelve are:

Nathalie Marquay (France), Francel Maribel Manibog Caracol (Guam), Angelique Johanna Gerarda Cremers (Holland), Pauline Yeung Bo-Ling (Hong Kong), Ya'el Gerthler (Israel), and Mary Ngazi Bienoseh (Nigeria).

Special Awards
Personality: Clotilde Helen Cabrera - United States
Photogenic: Karin Agneta Charlotta Trydell - Sweden

Continental Queens
Africa: Mary Ngazi Bienoseh - Nigeria
Americas: Albani Josefina Lozada Jimenez - Venezuela
Asia: Pauline Yeung Bo-Ling - Hong Kong
Europe: Ulla Weigerstorfer - Austria
Oceania: Francel Maribel Manibog Caracol - Guam

***This is the first time that Miss World has twelve semi-finalists, and six out of the semi-finalists went straight into the Top 6 finalists.

***Preliminary swimsuits in Miss World 1987 were shot in the island of Malta.

***78 contestants sang God Bless The Children as their production number while wearing evening gowns.


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