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miss world 2006

Tatána Kucharová won the title of Miss Czech Republic and Miss World 2006. In doing so, she became the first woman from the Czech Republic to win the title at the final event of the Miss World competition, held on September 30, 2006, in Warsaw, Poland. Kucharová beat 103 other women in voting among a panel of judges and from television viewers around the world during a two-hour finals ceremony in the Polish capital, where the president of Warsaw watched the finals, and presented the new Miss World with a scroll, dubbing her as an honorary ambassador of Warsaw, and asking her to carry a message of peace around the world. Kucharová, a 177cm tall high-school student with long blond hair, was born in Trnava, Slovakia and grew up in the town of Opocno, Czech Republic. She told the judges that she wants to attend university and then become a model, which she hopes will enable her to travel. She likes tennis and horse riding and has many pets, including a turtle, bird, many cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Her personal motto is "Always be an optimist." Tatána handed over her crown on December 1, 2007, to the next Miss World, Zhang Zilin of China in Sanya, China. Among the nations she has travelled to during her reign were her very own Czech Republic, besides Poland, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, United States, China, England, Northern Ireland, Russia, Sri Lanka and Latvia.

1st Runner-up Romania - Ioana Boitor
2nd Runner-up Australia - Sabrina Houssami


 Angola - Stiviandra Oliveira
 Brazil - Jane Borges
 Jamaica - Sara Lawrence


 Canada - Malgosia Majewska
 Ghana - Lamisi Mbillah
 India - Natasha Suri
 Lebanon - Annabella Hilal
 Mexico - Karla Jiménez
 Namibia - Anna Nashandi
 Northern Ireland - Catherine Jean Milligan
 Puerto Rico - Thebyam Carrion
 Scotland - Nicola McLean
 Venezuela - Federica Guzmán
 Vietnam - Mai Phương Thúy

Continental Region Queens of Beauty
Out of the 17 semi-finalists a group of judges selected the winner of each regional group and received the respective Miss World Regional Title. All of them made the Top 6 finalists. 
Miss World Asia Pacific: Sabrina Houssami (Australia)
Miss World Northern Europe: Taťána Kuchařová (Czech Republic)
Miss World Southern Europe: Ioana Boitor (Romania)
Miss World Caribbean: Sara Lawrence (Jamaica)
Miss World Americas: Jane Borges (Brazil)
Miss World Africa: Stiviandra Oliveira (Angola)

Fast Track Events

Beach Beauty
Winner: Federica Guzmán (Venezuela) 
1st runner-up: Taťána Kuchařová (Czech Republic)
2nd runner-up: Natasha Suri (India)
3rd runner-up: Stiviandra Oliveira (Angola)
4th runner-up: Colleen Pereira (Singapore)
Top 10 finalists: Latoya McDowald (Barbados), Marzena Cieślik (Poland), Ioana Boitor (Romania), Nicola McLean (Scotland), Inmaculada Torres (Spain)
Top 25 semi-finalists: Ana María Ortiz (Bolivia), Azra Gazdić (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Jane Borges (Brazil), Malgosia Majewska (Canada), Elizabeth Loaiza (Colombia), Nino Kalandadze (Georgia), Sarah Morrissey (Ireland), Elizaveta Migatcheva (Italy), Sara Lawrence (Jamaica), Abiola Bashorun (Nigeria), Gisselle Bissot (Panama), Anna Maris Igpit (Philippines), Thebyam Carrión (Puerto Rico), Iris Mulej (Slovenia), Cathrin Skoog (Sweden)

Miss Sports
Winner: Malgosia Majewska (Canada)
1st runner-up: Thebyam Carrion (Puerto Rico)
2nd runner-up: Liga Meinarte (Latvia)
Top 24 finalists: 
Asia Pacific: Kristania Besouw (Indonesia), Kazuha Kondo (Japan), Sharon Park (Korea), Selenge Erdene-Ochir (Mongolia)
Northern Europe: Jenniina Tuokko (Finland), Sabina Chukayeva (Kazakhstan), Liga Meinarte (Latvia), Alexandra Mazur (Russia)
Southern Europe: Renata Toth (Hungary), Elizaveta Migatcheva (Italy), Ivana Knežević (Montenegro), Magdalena Sebestova (Slovakia)
Caribbean: Ambuyah Ebanks (Cayman Islands), Stephanie Colosse (Martinique), Thebyam Carrión (Puerto Rico), Tineke de Freitas (Trinidad & Tobago)
Americas: Malgosia Majewska (Canada), Jackelinne Piccinini (Guatemala), Karla Jiménez (Mexico), Brooke Angus (United States)
Africa: Lorato Tebogo (Botswana), Anna Nashandi (Namibia), Thuli Sithole (South Africa), Katanekwa Matundwelo (Zambia)

Miss Talent
Winner: Catherine Jean Milligan (Northern Ireland)
1st runner-up: Elizaveta Migatcheva (Italy)
2nd runner-up: Lorraine Maphala (Zimbabwe)
3rd runner-up: Leisi Poldsam (Estonia)
4th runner-up: Selenge Erdene-Ochir (Mongolia)
Top 10 finalists: Latoya McDowald (Barbados), Ivana Ergić (Croatia), Natasha Suri (India), Patrice Juah (Liberia), Sara Almeida (Portugal)

Beauty With A Purpose
Winner: Lamisi Mbillah (Ghana)

Special Award

Best World Dress Designer
Winner: Ivana Ergić (Croatia)
1st runner-up: Sheryl Baas (Netherlands)
2nd runner-up: Natasha Suri (India)
3rd runner-up: Khadijah Kiptoo (Kenya)
4th runner-up: Sarah Morrissey (Ireland)
Top 20 finalists: Stiviandra Oliveira (Angola), Shanandoa Wijshijer (Aruba), Latoya McDowald (Barbados), Duo Liu (China PR), Elizabeth Loaiza (Colombia), Taťána Kuchařová (Czech Republic), Paola Torres (Dominican Republic), Elizaveta Migatcheva (Italy), Annabella Hilal (Lebanon), Vanesha Seetohul (Mauritius), Marzena Cieślik (Poland), Ioana Boitor (Romania), Brooke Angus (United States), Federica Guzmán (Venezuela), Mai Phương Thúy (Vietnam)

***Ivana Knežević was the first Miss Montenegro at any international event since the country's independence on June 3, 2006.


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