Friday, August 21, 2009

miss international 1974

1974 Miss International Karen Brucene Smith from United States 

Place Crowned: Tokyo, Japan

Full name: Karen Brucene Smith

Date of Birth: 1951

Place of Birth: Texas, United States of America

The first delegate of the United States to win the Miss International title. 

The first American to win the Miss International

Runners-up in the pageant:
1st Runner Up: BRITAIN - Joanna Margaret Booth 
2nd Runner Up: FINLAND - Johanna Raunio
3rd Runner Up: TAHITI - Micheline Vehiatua 
4th Runner Up: AUSTRALIA - Monique Daams

BELGIUM - Marie-Rose Pieters 
COLOMBIA - Beatriz del Carmen Cajiao Velasco 
GREECE - Anny Tasopoulou 
ITALY - Feliciana Chantal Del Spirito 
JAPAN - Hideko Shigekawa 
KOREA - Young-sook Kang 
NEW ZEALAND - June St. Clair Buchanan 
NICARAGUA - Maria Amanda Rivas Arguello 
SPAIN - Consuelo Martín López 
SWEDEN - Monica Soderqvist

Miss Friendship: Miss Mexico- Alicia Cardona 
Most Photogenic: Miss Australia- Monique Daams

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  1. Terry C, NJ said...
    Seems as though it took FOREVER for an American to become Miss International!

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