Friday, August 21, 2009

miss international 1975

1975 Miss International Ladija Vera Manic from Yugoslavia 

Place Crowned: Motobu, Japan

Full name: Ladija Vera Manic

Place of Birth: Yugoslavia

The first delegate from Yugoslavia to win the Miss International

The only winner of a major beauty pageant from Yugoslavia

Runners-up in the pageant:
1st Runner Up: FINLAND - Eeva Kristiina Mannerberg 
2nd Runner Up: INDIA - Indira Maria Bredemeyer 
3rd Runner Up: AMERICAN BEAUTY - Patricia Lynn Bailey
4th Runner Up: BRAZIL - Lisane Guimarães Távora

AUSTRALIA - Alison Leigh McKean 
BELGIUM - Liliane Marie Walschaers 
COLOMBIA - Alina Maria Botero López 
FRANCE - Isabelle Krumacker 
HOLLAND - Nannetje Nielen 
JAPAN - Sumiko Kumagai 
KOREA - Hyang-mok Lee 
LUXEMBOURG - Martine Anne Wagner 
PHILIPPINES - Jaye Murphy 
SWEDEN - Kerstin Anita Olsson

Miss Friendship: Miss Denmark- Lone Degn Olsen 
Most Photogenic: Miss France- Isabelle Krumacker 
Best National Costume: Miss Mexico- Margarita Vernis


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