Sunday, August 16, 2009

miss universe 1968

Martha Vasconcellos is Brazil's second Miss Universe. This was another homesick winner.The morning after winning the title, Martha Vasconcellos cried for her family and boyfriend. She had been supposedly engaged with her boyfriend since she was 12 and she had missed him so much While other contestants protested against being chaperoned all the time, Ireland's Tiffany Scales said she understood: “Can you imagine the chaos if you had 66 beauty queens running around Miami getting plastered and picking up men?” Runner-up Anne Marie Braafheid of Curacao makes history as the highest placing black delegate as of 1968 in Miss Universe history.

1st runner-up Anne Marie Braafheid  
2nd runner-up Leena Marketa Brusiin 
3rd runner-up Peggy Kopp Arenas 
4th runner-up Dorothy Ansett USA
Nancy Wilson CANADA
Danae Montserrat Sala Sarradell CHILE
Jennifer Lowe Summers ENGLAND
Elizabeth Cadren FRANCE
Miranta Zafiropoulou GREECE
Miriam Fridman ISRAEL
Tone Knaran NORWAY
Anne Marie Hellqvist SWEDEN
Apantree Prayutsenee THAILAND
Daliborka Stojsic YUGOSLAVIA


  1. Terry C, NJ said...
    A TRAVESTY.....Miss Curacao was robbed. Anne Marie Braafheid should have won, not this graceless, charmless Brazilian glamazon, as another pageant site has called Vasconcellos.

    By the way, even her dress was hideous.
    the crown keeper said...
    i agree terry

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