Sunday, August 16, 2009

miss universe 1969

Gloria Diaz's ambition in life was to make as many friends as possible, and joining Miss Universe made her able to meet people, and foster better relationships with the delegates from other nations. Austria's Eva von Rueber-Staier, a semi-finalist, created a stir with her political judgment. She has called Mao Tse-tung the greatest historical figure in the world in her written interview quiestionnare. Eva would compete in Miss World that same year and win the title. This year, pageant organizers introduced the sound-proof booth and the final question for the 5 finalists.

1st runner-up Harriet Eriksson FINLAND
2nd runner-up Joanne Barrett AUSTRALIA
3rd runner-up Chava Levy ISRAEL
4th runner-up Kikuyo Ohsuka JAPAN
Eva von Reuber-Staier AUSTRIA
Vera Lucia Fischer BRAZIL
Monica Larson Teuber CHILE
Margarita Ma.Reyes Zawadsky COLOMBIA
Patricia Ingrid Walker NORWAY
Maria Julia Mantilla Mayer PERU
Brigitta Lindloff SWEDEN
Patrice Sollner SWITZERLAND
Wendy Jane Dascomb USA


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