Tuesday, August 18, 2009

miss world 1964

Ann Sydney from Poole, England, won the 1964 Miss World contest, representing the United Kingdom. She became the second woman from her country to win the title; after Rosemarie Frankland had won the title in 1961. The pageant was held in London, England and with Ann's winning, it was the second time that the winner of Miss World had won the crown in her own country.

1st Runner-up Argentina - Ana Maria Soria
2nd Runner-up Republic of China - Linda Lin Su-hsing
3rd Runner-up Brazil - Maria Isabel de Avellar Elias
4th Runner-up New Zealand - Lyndal Ursula Cruikshank


 Italy - Mirka Sartori
 Jamaica - Erica Joanne Cooke


 Denmark - Yvonne Mortensen
 France - Jacqueline Gayraud
 Germany - Juliane Herm
 Greece - Mary Kouyoumitzou
 Liberia - Norma Dorothy Davis
 Montserrat - Helen Joseph
 Spain - Maria José Ulla Madronero
 USA - Jeanne Marie Quinn
 Venezuela - Mercedes Hernández Nieves


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