Tuesday, August 18, 2009

miss world 1965

Lesley Langley from Weymouth, England was Miss United Kingdom and Miss World in 1965, making UK the second country to win Miss World back-to-back. She became the third woman from her country to win the title. Lesley attended the Royal Merchant Navy School, near Wokingham, Berkshire, (now known as Bearwood College) in the 1950s. Lesley was married to famous Jazz organist Alan Haven and they had one daughter named Cleo. They divorced and it is believed that Leslie now works as a Dental practice assistant.

1st Runner-up USA - Dianna Lynn Batts
2nd Runner-up Ireland - Gladys Anne Waller
3rd Runner-up Austria - Ingrid Kopetzky
4th Runner-up Iceland - Sigrun Vignisdóttir


 Canada - Carol Ann Tidey
 Rhodesia - Lesley Bunting


 Costa Rica - Marta Eugenia Escalante Fernández
 Denmark - Yvonne Hanne Ekman
 Finland - Raija Marja-Liisa Salminen
 France - Christiane Sibellin
 Germany - Karin Schütze
 Japan - Yuko Oguchi
 Korea - Lee Eun-ah
 New Zealand - Gay Lorraine Phelps
 Sweden - Britt-Marie Lindblad


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